Through years of experience in the healthcare market, White Spot Consultancy has built a broad knowledge of the Dutch and European market. This knowledge is used in the development and roll-out of strategies and tactics. This way White Spot helps with the transformation of working from (old) familiar patterns to a new way of working. 

We work in a solution-oriented way. By identifying what challenge lies at the core of the client’s question, we jointly work towards possible solutions to create new opportunities. The outcome is a solid plan to open new sales channels and set up alternative revenue models. We also analyse the organisational structure so that the employees are adequately included on the path of change. Successfully together towards the end goal.

The consultancy does not only focus on the development of the strategy and the handing over of it. The client can count on the support with the implementation. The extent to which this support is given is tailored together to your needs.

In addition to the development and implementation of strategy, White Spot offers an innovative way of “Business Design”. This method offers a fast way of working when you are faced with many uncertainties in the development of something new. Whether it is a service, a product or entering a new market, this business design method helps you navigate the (innovation) process in a structured way.

Business design is not just a technique, it is a method that should be included as a new way of working with innovation projects within an organization. To use the method within your organization, it is essential that the organization is trained on this method. More information about the business design method can be found here.

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Ambition. Passion. Result.

When you choose the services of White Spot, you can count on the collaboration to be filled with the ambition to exceed your expectations, the passion to take on your assignment with a lot of energy and to come to a resounding result together.

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