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White Spot Consultancy

White Spot Consultancy has its origins in the marketing term "White Spot".
The meaning is to find the unknown (unexplored) area by exploring it with curiosity.

With the offer of services from White Spot Consultancy, you as a client can assume that the approach to the assignment is not a standard process. White Spot Consultancy delivers custom work via its own unique menu and is only satisfied with the result of the assignment when the client is positively surprised by the outcome.

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For whom

The services offered by White Spot Consultancy are available for medium-large and small companies, the sole proprietorship, and locally and internationally oriented companies. Coaching is a service intended for both companies and private individuals.

The industries that White Spot Consultancy mainly focuses on are medical devices, healthcare providers and technology companies that offer IoT-based solutions for the healthcare market.

However, the activities do not focus exclusively on the aforementioned branches. If you are interested in the services of White Spot Consultancy, we can determine in a personal conversation whether White Spot Consultancy is the right partner for your assignment.

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White Spot Consultancy is a company with a large network and a range of experts in various fields. For smaller projects where White Spot acts as a consultant and sails its own course in fulfilling the assignment of the client, I will mainly work alone and hire expertise where necessary. Of course, always in aligment with the client. For larger projects, cooperation with partners can be sought from the early start. Everything is directed towards exceeding the client's expectations about the result.

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Ambition. Passion. Result.

When you choose the services of White Spot, you can count on the collaboration to be filled with the ambition to exceed your expectations, the passion to take on your assignment with a lot of energy and to come to a resounding result together.

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