Personal alarm

For the elderly in the home environment.

The objective of this project was to prepare and roll out the introduction of a new service for a major assistive technology provider. Together with The Acceleration Group, White Spot Consultancy has set up and rolled out the complete “go-to-market” strategy.

The project covered all relevant topics:

  • Target group determination, concept offer, planning.
  • Proposition structure, pricing (competitive analysis, price elasticity, premium), business case (price/volume mix, growth plan, milestones, inventories, investment).
  • Distribution (partners, service level, GDPR), channel economics (online/offline, direct/indirect), operating model and fees.
  • Customer journey and loyalty (customer loyalty and growth, creating ambassadors, registering, and enriching customer base).
  • Marketing communication campaign (online/offline, print, communication message, budget, free publicity), phasing of the campaign, conversion objectives.
  • Market introduction and handover to client.

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