Smart mobility scooter

Insight into mobility scooter use, battery capacity and use, maintenance needs and repairs.

The smart mobility scooter aimed to optimize and to quantify the use of provisions by means of a technology which enabled mobility scooters to be monitored from a distance. By using an existing IoT-based solution, it has become possible to clearly map all relevant data about the use and technical condition of the mobility scooter. Data from the mobility scooter is read out at regular time intervals and sent to a platform via KPN’s LTE-M network. 

By interpreting the gathered data with the help of algorithms, it can be determined remotely which malfunction has occurred in the product and which direct action must be taken. The data provide, among other things, a detailed insight into the health status of the batteries. This makes it easy to determine whether batteries are timely charged, batteries are due for replacement within the foreseeable future, or whether the supplied battery capacity is sufficient for the needs of a mobility scooter user. 

In addition, there are options such as seeing the last location, sharing the location when the mobility scooter driver sends a distress signal via the app, or an overview of the distances driven per day, week, month, or year. The frequency of use can also be determined with the help of the data.

For the owner of the mobility scooters (resellers of provisions) a dashboard was developed on which all mobility scooters are displayed. The reseller has insight into the status of each mobility scooter and can use this insight to intervene in time with a necessary repair or maintenance. This way, the execution of service provision becomes child’s play and helps the fleet owner to significantly reduce the total life cycle costs. At the same time, insight through data, timely maintenance and the prevention of unnecessary repairs helps extend the life of the mobility scooters.

This project was realized with ConneqTech (The Netherlands) and DOMO Health (Switzerland).


The smart scooter is intellectual property of Invacare International GmbH and is offered by Invacare as “Zeta”.
Zeta is a registered trademark of Invacare International GmbH.

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